Need to learn WebFocus, any good tutorials for programmers? - webfocus

I am starting to use WebFocus for a new client. Anybody know of good WebFocus tutorials aimed at programmers?

I too realize that this is an old question but in case someone is looking I've found the documentation (free to download) found here helpful.


how to start learning JavaScript [closed]

I am experienced in the technical support like Linux, oracle, sunos etc and but if i say scripting i know little bit of bash. Now i promoted to manage technical engineers including some JavaScript developers, so i want to learn JavaScripting so that i can understand engineers. Hope you understand. Can you please advise me how can i start JavaScripting and point me to some simple docs and examples.
Look at A Beginner's Guide to JavaScript, it includes tips and examples and Javascript Tutorials for Beginner's
I find this the best free guide to javascript:
JavaScript: The Good Parts is a good, and thin, book. The videos by the same author are also very good. The MDC documentation is excellent (but watch out for features added post-1.5 which are usually not supported by Internet Explorer).
Start learning form here :
But i think also better to start with the jquery a good library for the javascript After you done with javascript :
I think Mozilla Developer Network is a great source and particularly JavaScript Guide would be very helpful for someone to start.
Personaly, I started with W3Schools and I liked the small, "digestable", easy-to-understand examples but I have changed my mind since I landed to this page:
I'm learning javascript myself now. I think is a good reference when you wanna have quick look on syntax. I always prefer to read some good books because It gives me the based knowledge about the language. Maybe I am wrong about this but i think everybody has different approach in learning.
I would recommend you to read this book:
Professional JavaScript for Web Developers, 3rd Edition
Which you can find the code resources here:
The code is free for download. The book is friendly to beginner.
Then you might wanna move on to:
Object-Oriented JavaScript
There are also good screencasts out there such as Douglas Crockford's lectures.
I hope this help. Enjoy learning :)

Where can i find some practical tutorial or exercise about ember.js? [closed]

I'm new to ember.js, where can i find some practical tutorial or exercise about it? I try with some online tutorials and vids but i can't find anything that can help me to start with this library.
Have a look at, it contains plenty of information,
Example apps
etc. etc.
Anything else I could mention is already listed there.
Hope it helps.
Just a quickly read on the site's library and I have found a guide that apparently has some videos and is good explained.
Have you tried?

Looking for some javascript fragment explained

I'm new to javascript. I'm looking for piece of simple code precisely detailled because i think it's a great way to learn.
So do you know where i can find this kind of ressources ?
Mozilla's Developer Network is a great place to get started.
Their Javascript Guide outlines what you need to know with the code examples you inquired about.
I found this site very usefull. Videos, with explanations, online console with exercises and hardness levels.

Ryan Dahl's Node Chat [closed]

Can someone explain in details the Node Chat written by Ryan Dahl. It used the core Node.js methods without using the I've searched a lot for the documented version. I couldn't find one. Can someone please help me with that.
Even I've been looking for such a solution. The best one out there is
This guy explains it in steps. I found it very helpful. At least to a very good extent.

Crafty.js Tutorial [closed]

This question has probably been asked before, but I didn't find it while searching.
Can anybody point me towards a good up to date tutorial for Crafty.js? I cannot seem to find one and I am having trouble getting my head around it. If there are no good tutorials, then are there any alternative HTML5 game engine libraries with a good tutorial?
Edit: I have tried reading 'starmelts' tutorials, but they seem a little bit confusing for me.
Edit 2: The HTML5 game engine only has to work on desktop browsers, but especially chrome.
I am aware, that this question is quite old, but since it is highly ranked on google and there are so few well known tutorials available I going to post this link anyway.
This is a really good, quick and up to date craftyjs tutorial. It teaches the key concepts of using this framework, by developing a small game.
I've tested crafty a while back, haven't had a chance to work with it though.
But when I was testing it, I've found these links useful.
and starmelt tutorial as you already know
Craftyjs doesn't have strong documentation yet, but there are some good articles scattered around that you might find useful. If you really want to, drop me a line, and I'll try and help you understand it as this will also help me.
The creating your first crafty game tutorial has moved here
I would start with the offical tutorial. At first glance it looks pretty thorough.