How to get most Retweeted Tweet using Linq To Twitter - linq-to-twitter

Is it possible to retrieve the tweet that is most retweeted? I searched out for the solution but did not any find any clue, Any suggestion would be helpful.

Do you mean of all the tweets on Twitter? There isn't a Twitter API call for that. However, if you had access to the Firehose stream, you could watch all tweets and calculate it. That said, it would be much more work than a quick query.
If you wanted the most retweeted tweet of a user, you could query their tweets and then do a LINQ to Objects query for RetweetCount.


How can I get the followers of a user on twitter, then get posts from those followers over a period of time so i can create a database?

I've been assigned a research project to enhance social networking based adaptive e-learning and to do so I need to be able to extract several (hundreds, maybe thousands) of status updates or tweets in order to perform factor analysis on key words. Apparently this can be done with javascript but I have never used javascript before so I'm a bit lost. I know I need a Twitter API but not sure even how to use one. Anybody have any idea how I can do this?
use statuses/followers for getting all followers of a user and statuses/friends_timeline to get tweets by your friend. Response will be in JSON or XML format which can be parsed and used very easily.

Getting the followers count of an Instagram profile without an API

After a lot of Googling I just can't seem to find an updated way of getting the follower count of an Instagram account. I want it displayed on my personal website so I probably need to use JavaScript and jQuery.
I already figured out how to get a YouTube sub count, but I can use the YouTube API.
Does anyone have a way of doing this without an API? I know there are probably some other ways, but I'm definitely not experienced enough.
Without using the instagram API, there is no easy* way to do so, no.
If you are not opposed to using the instagram API, however do not want to require the user to log in, this SO question may be helpful to you.

Retrieving a Twitter-verified user's Tweets in node.js

I need a bit of help understanding how to extract Tweets from a verified user. Sorry for the open-ended question, but here goes: enables you to retrieve the tweets of any Twitter handle. But in my use case, I need the user to log in to their Twitter account and retrieve their latest tweets so that I know that they are theirs and not someone else's.
I'm using angular.js and node.js - much help appreciated. I don't even know if this is something I should do client-side only, or on the server.
If the user is followed by #verified twitter account then the user is verified.
You can check that by retrieving the followers.

How to get data from Facebook using javascript?

For using in a Chrome extension I need to get data from a FB page, namely the messages.
In code behind it's seen that the messages are loaded through Bigpipe, a snippet of JSON data is returned through bigPipe.onPageletArrive (which includes users ids, from whom I get messages, threads ids, snippets of conversations etc.).
Is there any possibility to get hold of the whole data returned?
(I thought of using Facebook Graph API, but this requires authentication token, which I'm not sure how users of my extension can get hold of.)
Thanks in advance!
For those who can come around the same question, I finally found the solution by looking into Facebook POST queries. There one can find all the information needed.
Should be a comment, I'm aware but let me know if this works for you

Get tweet from the user?

What is the best way to get twitts from the user on iPhone. Is it possible to get twitts with help of search twitter API? twitter search api doc
I need load more than 20 twitts.
Tweets are returned from Twitter's servers in JSON format. There are a half-dozen JSON libraries for cocoa, all very good.
Fetching tweets can be done using a simple URL request, for unauthenticated tweet data (e.g. users tweets are public). e.g.
Or if you need access to tweets that might be private, you are going to have to log in, probably using OAuth. I would suggest a twitter library. MGTwitterEngine, for example.
If you can go iOS 5 only, you can use the new built in Twitter Framework