Sencha build failed for Extjs 6 for modern theme - extjs6-modern

I am using Extjs 6. When I am taking build from Sencha Cmd for modern theme it is showing an error like:
Failed to resolve dependency Ext.state.LocalStorageProvider
Why am I getting this error?

You are getting the error, because Ext.state.* does not exist in the modern theme.
If you also have a classic app, you should move the requires for Ext.state.LocalStorageProvider to the MainView / MainViewController of the classic app


Exceptions with Ext JS 6.5.3 TreeStore implementation

I have downloaded Ext JS 6.5.3 evaluation package and using it to evaluate migration in my project.
I tried migrating from Ext JS 4.2 to the latest version Ext JS 6.5.3. Due to nature of my existing project, currently I cannot use Sencha Cmd to build my application. I'm using a traditional way of including the required JS and CSS files in my project and running the application. I have successfully migrated all my codebase but getting the below exceptions with the TreeMenu implementation.
I have created a Sencha Fiddle to reproduce the issue
I tried debugging further into extjs-debug.js, but couldn't get any clue about these exceptions. Exception that I'm getting

Extjs sencha compiled app throws Uncaught TypeError: Object prototype may only be an Object or null

I have an Extjs application that I have retrofitted into a Sencha Cmd generated app to be able to minify & concatenate js and css files. The build process runs fine but I see the following errors when I run the application.
The lines corresponding to the error are:
I guess my 2 questions are :
Is Sencha Cmd the only reliable way to minify & concatenate all files of an extjs application? I have tried using Yuicompressor to minify individual files and concatenate manually , however I was not able to figure out how to easily manage dependencies of the extJS application.
How can I get around the issue above with the build generated with Sencha cmd? Is there something that I am missing?
I am using ExtJS 4.2.1 and Sencha Cmd 4(have tried with 5 as well).
Ok I was able to answer both questions more or less:
Sencha Cmd manages ext dependencies well and also uses yuicompressor internally to minify the js. Retrofitting an existing application into a sencha cmd application works fine if the requries: config is correctly specified in the extjs files.
The issue above was due to a bad copy paste. I had left some unnecessary statements in one of my views which seemed to cause the above issue. Basically I was trying to query an un-instantiated view. On removing these statements and rebuilding the (minified) application works fine.

Ext.dom is undefined Sencha Touch

I have been developing on sencha touch for quite a while now, I was using an older CMD version till few months back and it was all good but as soon as i advanced to Sencha CMD I have weird error that I had never seen, I developed the whole application all this while and ran on browser without any issues, but after packaging it, It says
Ext.dom is undefined app.js:1
The above error shows up in Console in Inspect Element. I tried removing every possible external library but it wouldn't solve it but then I thought why not generate a new app by sencha touch and try packaging it so that will clear my doubts about my code or its sencha? I generated a new app with this command:
sencha generate app TestApp C:/wamp/www/sencha/TestApp
After successful packaging I packaged it without changing anything with this code:
sencha app build package
After packaging and running it, the same error occurs as above! Is this a bug or what?
Yes its a bug, Go back to the older sencha cmd version which can be found here:
Sencha CMD
Generate a latest app and move over your views etc to the new app created by this cmd.

Sencha touch application loader keeps blinking

I just setup an all basic sencha touch application. Just did sencha generate app *Name* *Directory*. The app is generated without any error, but when I start the server and load the application in Chrome (just updated to the latest version), I get a blue screen with three blinking dots.
In the JS console, there is this:
Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'append'", occured in sencha-touch.js
Is this a common issue? Did I do anything wrong? The app is generated with sencha touch 2.2.1 and ruby 1.9.3.
I had the exact same issue, and I bet you downloaded at the same time I did.
It turns out the Touch 2.2.1 build from 2013-09-05 23:07:03 had corrupted main js libraries (looks like double content, check out the file sizes), but the current (from 2013-09-06 12:41:24) works as expected for me.
Download the latest version and try again :)
I'm totally new to sencha touch but i had a similar error and solved it:
1) open terminal and navigate to your application-folder (in my case /opt/lampp/htdocs/Testproject)
2) Generate the app (I did it in testing-mode) by: sencha app build testing
3) Go to your browser and navigate to: http://localhost/Testproject/build/Testproject/testing/
That works for me but I have no idea, why the "three-dot-error" appears only on the "root-site" http://localhost/Testproject
Anyone know the answer? :)

Setting up PhoneGap 1.8.1 and Sencha Touch 2 project. Cant call Ext.setup

with help of the Eclipse Plugin MDS 1.1 for PhoneGap on Android i was setting up a new project including Sencha Touch.
Target Android 4.0.3
min SDK 15
Problem is that when i want to call Ext.setup that the function doesnt Exist.
I ve included the sencha-touch.js files in the index.html and the css as well.
Help would be appreciated
It sounds like you may have setup your Sencha project incorrectly at creation. MY recommendation would be to use the Sencha SDK tools to create a new blank project, using this command line:
sencha generate app <name> <location>
Check this page for more info - Sencha Getting Started
If you want to try to fix your current page without recreating, you could use the created one as a sample. Just offhand I know that in your index.html you want to load the microloader script, as opposed to the js libraries themselves.
Hope this helps.