Facebook's fbclid parameter is blocking my adsense ads on my website. How can I eliminate this? - url-parameters

When I share an article from my website to Facebook, Facebook adds a fbclid parameter code which affects the Adsense ads from appearing when someone clicks on the link. When they are redirected to the article, no ads appear. It's like Facebook's fbclid code is blocking my Adsense ads from appearing. It's costing me thousands of dollars a month. Is there a way around this?
I've researched everything and can't find an answer.
I want my facebook followers to be able to click on the link and go to my website and see the ads, but facebook's fbclid is blocking that.


How do I allow visitors on my site to share my photos on their facebook news feed?

How do I allow visitors on my site to share my photos, on their Facebook wall/news feed?
I see that there is a "share" or "like" option from Facebook but that seems to share the whole page.
I would like to have it so that each picture has a small Facebook icon next to it and when they click it, that specific image only is added to their Facebook news feed/wall.
My site is in ASP.NET 3.5 using C#. I can develop in C# so if that is a route to what I am trying to achieve that is fine.
I did see this question and answer:
How to post news feed in facebook from my site
Is this still the correct way to do this? Are there any examples of this?
You may want to look at The Facebook Open Graph Protocol, esp. if you're photos can have a page of their own, with meta tags in the head.
See (at the bottom of the Object Types section)
Use article for any URL that represents transient content - such as a news article, blog post, photo, video, etc.
This may suit your needs (and should allow you to place a like button next to the image). If not, take a look through the facebook developers docs.

How to find which of my pages where shared on Facebook

I have a "Share on Facebook" on every page of my site. It is implemented with FB.ui function.
As my site has hundreds of thousands of pages, I would like to find which ones were shared by our visitors.
I also use FB comments plugin on all pages. Is there a way to check on which pages someone put a comment?
I do not care about who made share or who commented, just on which page they did it.
I know I can implement my own log, but why to do it if I could do it using Facebook functionality

How to use adsense after some time of page load

I've created a little social networking website which is working fine,
but in wall page google ads is not showing,
its showing and working fine in other pages
but in wall page not showing because the page content is showing with js
So i think there's a problem of keywords and description issue
i just want to know how to use google ads after sometime
i try
function show(){
//My Adsense Code But Still Not Working
If you're making serious money with adsense, Google will give you access to premium ads including a very customizable api. If you got there you can format the ads in very different ways and supply the keywords you would like to be used.

How can Google, Facebook, etc find out which website you came from - when there is no referrer?

Let's say Site A is a traffic generating website. User A clicks on a banner on Site A and gets redirected to Site B (for example a landing page). From Site B there is a link to Site C (which is for example Facebook, Google, or any other big company).
How can Site C determine which sources did User A come from? Becuase I have seen a lot of Site C websites that knew which was Site A.
As far as I know, browsers cannot pass Site A referrer url to Site C. How do they do it anyway? Are they using any kind of PHP or Javascript code for that?
The way they know where you have been is because they drop cookies with unique IDs on your computer so they can track you.
For example if a website uses any Facebook widgets, Facebook is already tracking you and knows what ads to target you with based on the sites you have visited once you go back to Facebook.com, or if Google Analytics is on the website (which it probably will be) this is tracking everything you go on from one site to the next and doing the same with serving relevant ads.

google analytics tracking link clicks

I was wondering how would i go about adding a simple tracking to a certain link on a site I am developing for a client
I am using google analytics for tracking the source of the incoming traffic and after the visitor has entered the site he supposed to click on a link, I an interested in knowing how many clicks I got from every source.
You're looking for "Campaigns". There's an extensive article about it here: http://support.google.com/analytics/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1239239
You can use the "URL Builder" tool to create a URL for a specific link (on an external site, presumably) by giving a name to your campaign and other details. The parameters are utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign in particular.
I'll mention that Analytics will already tell you (without any modification to the link) what referring page sent a visitor, so you can tell what page a visitor was viewing before arriving at your site. All this is found under "Traffic Sources" in the Analytics reporting interface. The utility of campaigns is if either (a) you'll be scattering links in ads on many different websites, and it's the ad rather than the page that you want to track, or (b) there may be multiple links to your site on the same page and you want to know which one the visitor clicked.