Shape Markers in Line Charts - image-charts

Is there a way to set Shape Markers in a Line Chart?
Google Image Charts to this with the chm attribute.
For Example,
Thanks for the help!

Currently Image-Charts do not support this feature however if the only shape you need is the one from the example, take a subscription and contact our support, the feature will be priorized and implemented in the next weeks 👍


Interactive World Map, highlight countries on mouseover

I need to create an interactive world map on the front page of a site, the view portal will be about 650x200 pixels. The interactivity would include the following, mouse-over a country would highlight (the countries are will literally be filled with "red" for example) that country and display the countries' name (preferably text in a div), I will also be linking the highlighting event with a that will highlight a country when selected.
I am having a difficult time finding a suitable solution, I refuse to use or learn a proprietry technology such as flash so it is not an option. I created a simple mockup using openlayers and a custom map image but the countries' markers load too slowly in IE6.
Also svg seems too large, as I tried to use RaphaelJS, but abondoned it when I realised the world map data is 1.2mb which is totally un acceptable for the front page of a site..
I am really at a loss on how I am going to do this, my last resort is to manually create 250+ (however many countries there are) pngs and apply mouseover events to hotspots in the image... but this is probably going to be a dead end too.. desperately seeking a solution, any helpful comments will be appreciated!
I developed jVectorMap for that purpose.
Why reinvent the wheel. Google Charts already does this.
I finaly settled with RaphaelJS, importing all the paths from an svg in inkscape, works amazingly well!
Do you have country coordinate data stored somewhere?
If so setting up functions to parse through the passed in data and create 250+ paths should not be that large.
We've developed Highmaps, related to Highcharts, to easily solve data visualization problems like this. We also supply a map collection of over 350 maps, optimized for size to keep things lightweight.
For a drilldown example (loading more detailed map on mouse click) see this demo.
Highmaps is free for non-commercial use.

Looking for SVG Map Javascript Plugins that Support Line Drawing [closed]

I am looking for some free SVG map Javascript plugins that support line drawing.
I desire to draw a world map with different colors for each country based on intensity. So i choose simple SVG map plugins instead of Google Maps API.
I have found several pretty plugins like,, Jquery Interactive Map Plugin. Yet all those plugins don't seem to support line drawing on it.
I need to be able to draw simple curved lines between two points with some given lat and long points.
Have anyone find suitable plugin for that? Or maybe other workarounds to draw line on one of those plugins?
I suppose this library should meet your needs. You can easily draw line, coloring countries/regions, and plot marker.

Drawing polygons on Google Maps

I was drawing polygons using Polygon Creator Class on Google Maps. As you see this tool is not easy to use. For example, it's impossible to add new polygon or edit some of them after getting result code.
In following link when you zoom in between polygons you will see gaps that I want to remove. To recreate the issue please open following link and zoom in between polygons:,output
Now question is, how to remove gap between these polygons ? In this case I can't use the tool that I used to create this map.
And which tool is better to use in this situation ?
Thank for your time
I would suggest you using the Google's official tool for drawing, editing, locatiing and even finding driving directions for the markers you have placed on the maps. You can always save these edited maps and retrieve them later when you need them.
Please click the following link and get started!!
Even I tried drawing some polygons side by side and there were no gaps :)
Hope this would help!!

Core Plot Multiple Selection

i'm creating a stock chart, where i need to be able to select a period range from a chart and display that period on other chart. To do that i need to be able to have 2 select points on first chart to select values.
I saw this similar question, but it doesn't have enough explanation on how to do it, since i'm a newbie regarding to Core Plot and chart manipulation.
Can someone provide some sample code about this question?
thanks in advance.
Use scatter plots to draw the selection lines. You can draw them both with the same plot if you want the same line style. The Mac version of the CPTTestApp example app includes a selection demo that uses a scatter plot to draw a cross shape over the selected point. You could easily modify that to draw only the vertical line.
Ended up using HighStocks Chartsand embedded it on a webview and load HTML pages with JS.
Thank You all for your help.

different symbols in a google charts scatter plot

I'm using the google charts library to make some interactive scatter plots. And I cannot find is whether you can have symbols other than circles as "markers" ? As far as I can see it was possible with the previous obsolete version of google charts. But is it impossible with the current one ?
Scatter chart "playground":
Currently (as of July, 2013) there is no way to do this within the chart options. You have a choice between circles and no markers, and that's it.
You could go through the code and change the SVG using javascript, changing the circles to rectangles, and manipulating the coordinates appropriately (or drawing paths, or whatever you'd like). That's really the only way to do it.
Edited to add:
Additionally, you could set a fill for the circles themselves using javascript, and make the fill any shape you'd like.
You can do it with the help of image charts. You can change the color and shape of the markers using this.Refer this link. An example for the different shape markers
Click here to see this. For more google charts related queries take a look at this