How to implement “Auto suggestion using mapmyindia Api's” in reactjs? [on hold] - javascript

I have installed react-mapmyindia npm for implementing Auto suggestion but i can't able to achieve. Have any npm package for mapmyindia implementation.


Joi validation for hapi-nuxt available with npx create-nuxt-app?

I created a demo app with npx create-nuxt-app to learn about nuxt.js. My installation options included:
? Use a custom server framework hapi
? Choose features to install Linter / Formatter, Prettier, Axios
? Use a custom UI framework buefy
? Choose rendering mode Single Page App
However, I did not see an option for installing Joi. What is the right way to install Joi when using npx create-nuxt-app? Is the best choice to run this afterwards?
npm install --save joi
I did it that way and it worked, but just because it worked initially doesn't mean it's correct. It's a simple question, but I'm new to all this, so just trying to learn best practices.

Connect Buildfire.js plugin to datastore using API key

Good day,
Can someone explain how I can connect my buildfire SDK to datastore, using the API key. what file do I go to, to do this?
My suggestion is that you use the BuildFire CLI to help you develop plugins. It makes the whole process much easier.
You can get started by installing it from npm:
npm install buildfire-cli -g
Here's a detailed blog posting covering the setup.

How to use Fabric React on an existing Office Web Add-In project?

It is possible to use office-ui-fabric-react on an existing Office Web Add-In project such as Word and Excel web add-in projects? Any preferred way to achieve this?
Upon trying to run this from the root of my project, a lot of dependencies are missing:
npm --save install office-ui-fabric-react
It seems that it's not possible to use Fabric React without using create-react-app and creating a new "JavaScript > From Existing Node.js code" project.

Npm package - GWT or Javascript

I want to build my own npm package/module. It has a lot of functionality.
I would like to know what is the best way to do that. My options are GWT and Javascript.

How do I create a package of my javascript app?

According my topic, what is the best way to distribute my javascript application? Is a best practice distribute my application using npm packages? Or npm is only for distribute frameworks?
Thanks! :)
If you are building with NodeJS APIs I see no reason why you wouldnt distribute your app with npm. See here for details on packaging and deploying which I found interesting.
The standard way to distribute JavaScript modules that were build on Node.js is to publish them onto npm with the command npm publish. You can find out how to properly publish modules in the official documentation.
Also read up on package.json. It is basically the interface that you can use for publications.