Clicking 'maximize' shows blank screen in Firefox (CKEditor) - javascript

When Click On Maximize icon In Firefox screen shows blank. In chrome is properly work.


jqgrid auto-scroll up/down when keyboard popup

I have a site where everything is fine on desktop (FF, Chrome, IE), but when the site is opened on ipad, if a cell is edited and the keyboard popup, the page will scroll down or up automatically after the edit is completed (click outside of the edit box or click "Go").
the url is
How to avoid this annoying behaviour?

SafariExtensionBar: keep toolbar extension displayed in fullscreen

I created a safari toolbar extension as described here:
Everything works fine, however, when safari is opened in fullscreen the toolbar is hidden by default and shows only when the mouse is moved to the top of safari.
Is there a way to always show the bar?

Notification Popup displaying in background

I have a notification popup just like the one on SO and it looks fine in Firefox BUT in chrome it goes in background as shown in below image I have tried increasing z-index but it doesn't help.

iPad scrolls back to top after clicking on a dropdown in popup

I'm running into a iPad bug on our new SEOshop theme and I just can't figure out what it is.
In the theme we've created a "shop now" functionality. The "shop now" button shows a pop-up with extra product specifications. In the pop-up there is a dropdown with some extra product options. If I click on the dropdown, (on iPad) the browser scrolls back to top. I think it has something to do with the default dropdown action, but I can't debug it.
Is there a way to prevent this default action, where it doesn't scroll to top?
The problem only shows on a iPad Air, iOS 8.3, Safari. It works fine in Chrome.

page scrolls under fancybox in chrome

Page scrolls under fancybox in Google Chrome. If text under image is longer, the end of it remains invisible.
Please check tip # 16 on Fancybox page: "Disable "locked" feature - the content is locked in the overlay by default" in Chrome and compare the pop-up/page behavior to that in Firefox, for instance.
In Firefox fancybox scrolls with the page, but not in Chrome. How to make it scroll in Chrome? Is there any fix?
I have it solved! overlay : { locked : false } was the key. See here: JSFiddle