How to Integrate ATOM(Cosmos) Token in my website - javascript

How to integrate ATOM Token in to my site. ATOM is a Cosmos blockchain network related token. I have fully analyzed. But no idea about this.


How to setup google service account authorization in Node.js with JSON key file?

Trying to make use of the Server to Server OAuth flow defined here:
Since I'm running from a local dev environment, I've created a service account in GCP and downloaded the JSON file with the private key, but cannot find any Node.js code examples on how to:
1) load the json file
2) set delegated credentials (for G Suite domain-wide authorization)
Places I've looked (besides stackoverflow) are Google's git wiki for the node.js client library, which does talk about server to server auth, but seems to assume you're running from appengine or google cloud and don't need to load a key file:
The Admin SDK Activities Reports API has a Node example, but it's using the web-based flow assuming a user is present:
Buried deep in the Node.js samples is use of the Directory API, which does seem to take a keyfile as input, but when I try running locally it says getClient is not a constructor, and still this example doesn't show how to set the G Suite admin user for context (which is generally when a refresh token and access token are loaded into the app):
So... does anybody have an example of this? I really don't want to switch to a Python runtime but Google seems to have left out important examples on this topic.

How to retrieve access_token from Azure Active Directory (AAD) Web API

I am building a web app with the following properties:
The Front-end is based on VueJS
The Back-end framework is still not confirmed but it will be a RESTFul API
The users for the app will be authenticated by Azure Active Directory (AAD)
Here's what I have done so far:
I have set up a Web App/API in my AAD. Along with that following the guidelines here, I have completely secured my VueJS app and now I need to be logged in into my AAD in order to be able to use the app.
The problem now is that, the front-end is secured. But what about the backend? I am trying to get an access_token from the AAD which I can then use as an authorization header with every request to my backend later on.
Here is what I get from my AAD when I sign in using the AuthenticationContext from the adal library.
As you can see I am getting an id_token and when I use the acquireToken function of adal I get an id_token again.
Is there anything I am doing wrong here? Do I need to create another Web App/API on Azure?
How do I go about this?
According to official documentation and this might be your case.
"The OAuth 2.0 implicit flow in Azure AD is designed to return an ID token when the resource for which the token is being requested is the same as the client application. In other words, when the JS client uses ADAL JS to request a token for its own backend web API registered with same App ID as the client, an ID token is returned and cached by the library. Note that in this case the resource should be set to the App ID of the client (App ID URI will not work). This ID token can then be used as a bearer token in the calls to your application's backend API."
You can find more about this here!

MeteorJS with a custom OAuth2 provider

I have a custom OAuth2 server that I set up in Rails using Doorkeeper. It works great with my Rails apps and NodeJS/AngularJS apps. I pass an account ID and redirect URI to the server, it sends back a code, which I then send again to get a token with user information.
I am trying to find a guide or basic code I can alter to allow it to login with my own server. Unfortunately I can't find any guides for this or standalone OAuth2 packages for Meteor that have documentation.

Node.js oauth2 module for headless retrieval of access token [closed]

I know I have run across this before but I cant seem to find it anymore.
Does there exist a Node.js module that will allow the retrieval of a Google API access token without a browser?
I would like to make authenticated requests to the Google API on a headless server. The modules that I am finding however all require a browser.
Does there exist a module where all of this could be handled on the server entirely?
If you wish your server to act on its own behalf (that is, not access the Google API on behalf of a user logged into your application) then this is achieved by creating a service account in the Google Developer Console (google oauth2 how to get private key for service account) and using the Google API node.js Client (
See the following for an example of how to use Google Cloud Datastore from a node.js application - the authentication principles are the same for other Google APIs:

How can I receive an access token for SkyDrive Pro REST calls, from a remote application (no SharePoint app)

I am trying to do the following:
create a web application that does REST calls with JavaScript to a Office365 account on SharePoint to list folders / files on SkyDrive Pro. I know how to construct the REST calls themselves, but I don't know where I can request an OAuth access_token.
Please note: SkyDrive Pro, not Skydrive (I know how to do that one)
To summup, how do I construct the url to go to the STS of SharePoint and ask for an access_token.
I have already registered for a CLIENT_ID in the app catalog.
Here is a blog that I wrote before few months explaining the entire Auth process using plain HTTP Requests in This should give you a pretty good idea of all the Url's and steps that you need to perform in JavaScript to get the token. Once you have the token you can access Skydrive pro like a normal document library using simple list REST API's. The TemplateId for skydrive pro library is 700.