How to develop a form with validation using select option tags? [on hold] - javascript

How to develop select option form with validation in react.js using jsx?


Office JS API and need to add a custom input box underneath the Search Input

I am working on an outlook add-in using Office JS API and need to add a custom input box underneath the Search Input control for implementing a customized search functionality. Is there any way, this can be achieved using the Office JS API?

Populating other fields after selecting a input from autocomplete options using angular and javascript

I am trying to edit user details where on selecting user name all other details may be populated by default on input using AngularJS and Javascript.
I dont want to use PHP as it is purely a desktop app.

How do i add <br> automatically in textarea when a user press “enter” key? [closed]

how would i approach on adding
tag automatically when a user types inside textarea ? Probably using javascript or php (because im developing my web app using laravel) ? Would i need wysiwyg editor for such simple task ?
You don't. Wait until the form is submitted then add them. With PHP as a backend for example you would use nl2br
$my_var = nl2br($_REQUEST['textarea_name']);

add a multi-step form to WordPress [closed]

I got a multi step form on codepen
but it doesn't managed on WordPress.I added html, css and JavaScript on contact form 7 and added the external jQuery by a plugin but it didn't work.
So really want to know is their any other plugin to add this type of multi step form.
Otherwise how to add this form to wordpress site. Thank you.
If you are finding plugin solution, both Gravity Form and Ninja Form supports multi-step form.
Gravity Form - Multi-page form demo
Ninja Form - Multi-part form add-on

How to create dynamic form?

How to make this dynamic form?
Hello How to make this dynamic form?
"Possible answer" must have: name='1', name='2', name='3' to name='6'.
You need a plugin like
to convert a form into a multipage user experience with thumbnails for
easy navigation